5 Reasons why you need onsite childcare services for your wedding

Have you considered on-site childcare services for your wedding or special event? Here are 5 reasons why you need onsite childcare for your big special day.

  1. You dont have to exclude your family and friends for an adult only wedding. Onsite childcare services allow you to have an adult only and child friendly event.
  2. Peace of Mind  – Baay Events childcare services are located in the same location as your event. Parents can be rest assured that their children are having a good time and can come and visit thier children anytime during the event.
  3. We provide experienced childcare professionals that will keep your little guests engaged for the duration of the event.
  4. Guests don’t have to leave early to go and pick up their kids,therefore; everyone gets to party longer!
  5. Tantrum free wedding or event. Need I say more?

Sound like something you need for your special day? Contact us today for a free consultation – info@baayevents.com



Who is Baay Events, and what do we do?

Wedding? Birthday? Retreat? Special Event?

Baay Wedding and Event Childcare Services  provides On-site group childcare.for your special day. We work with you to create the best of both worlds: An “Adult-only” AND “Kid-friendly” event.

We take care of your littlest guests by bringing high quality educational and fun activities that will keep them engaged while your adult guests enjoy the evening.

Currently serving the Chicagoland area.

A lot goes into planning childcare for your event, so call or email us today for a FREE CONSULTATION so that we can make sure that we are a good fit for your event.

E: info@baayevents.com